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The QuadGuard®

Our latest innovation in quad bike safety. Flexible and lightweight, one piece design.

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The LifeGuard®

The world’s first flexible roll bar for quad bikes. Revolutionary and award winning.

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We take safety so seriously we’ve designed our own products to help improve farm safety.

At TRAX Equipment, we’ve spent years investing in the LifeGuard and the QuadGuard to help improve ATV safety for hard-working landowners across New Zealand and Australia. 

The LifeGuard hit the market in 2012 and the QuadGuard in 2019, with both devices helping save lives and prevent serious injury. Check out these testimonials to find out more

These products are the result of years of research, working closely with Kiwi farmers to design products that are hard-wearing, reliable, and most importantly, help keep them safe.

Keep Yourself Safe By Maintaining Your TRAX Gear

We pride ourselves on producing high-quality gear, but like all good things, to keep our gear working hard, it needs to be regularly checked and serviced to remain at optimal working condition.

These hard-working, lifesaving roll bars are no different to a parachute, a bungy cord or the brakes on your car. Look after them and if the time comes, they’ll be there to look after you. Find out how to keep your gear properly maintained.

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