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Quad bike safety campaigners pour pressure on parliament

Quad bike safety campaigners came to Canberra today, knocking on parliament's front door with their demand for mandatory roll-over protection on the popular farm vehicles.

They are rallying behind the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's inquiry report, issued in February, which recommended government mandate roll-over protection on all new quad bikes sold in Australia.

However, the government responded to the report with an unexpected request, for the ACCC to conduct an unusual third round of community consultation. Assistant Treasurer Micheal Sukkar, who is responsible for the ACCC, has said he would assess the latest round of consultation and respond in coming months.

Rural Doctors Association president Adam Coltzau said doctors knew first-hand the need for greater safety standards and called for political leadership against the industry campaign against compulsory safety equipment.

 "I've worked in rural Australia for nearly 20 years, and I've seen many deaths from quad bikes, and many serious injuries that could have been prevented by operator protection devices," Dr Coltzau said.

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