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Operator protection devices (OPDs)

Operator protection devices (OPDs) help protect riders from the risk of death or serious injury in the event of a quad bike rollover.

About OPDs

Sixty per cent of quad bike fatalities occur when the quad bike rolls over.

From 11 October 2021 (In Australia) general use quad bikes must have an OPD fitted or integrated into its design so that, if the quad bike rolls over, the quad bike is held off the ground, and the rider can avoid injury or death as a result of being crushed or pinned by the weight of the quad bike.

Under the standard, quad bike and after-market OPD manufacturers can develop their own designs for innovative OPDs to protect operators.

Product safety standards may be based on relevant voluntary standards, where one exists, published by approved standards making bodies such as Standards Australia. However, at the time this standard commenced there was no voluntary standard for OPDs for quad bikes published by Standards Australia.

The requirements for OPDs begin 2 years after the standard commences. If a voluntary standard for OPDs is published by Standards Australia within that time, the ACCC will consider the merits of that standard, and may consider alternative requirements for OPDs in the standard.

The OPD requirement is consistent with various state schemes which provide a rebate to farmers for fitting the after-market Quadbar or ATV Lifeguard to quad bikes purchased prior to the commencement of the OPD requirement in the safety standard.

Source: ACCC