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Landcorp fit LifeGuard’s to their quad bikes

Following a Quad rollover fatality in 2010, Landcorp Farming Limited recognised the potential of the LifeGuard during the 2012 Mystery Creek Field days. Landcorp, at that stage already investigating Quad stability, committed to help with the development of Lifeguard, providing facilities for rollover testing in late 2012 and conducting a 12 month on-farm trial.

In February 2013 Landcorp began a trial on a Sheep and Beef farm in Northland, and from April 2013 another in Otago.  As the trials finished, the results so far show that the system is durable, low maintenance, and has little or no impact on the operation of the vehicle. The elevated LED lighting system has proved to be a bonus, providing a highly visible warning when moving stock on winding country roads used by logging and stock trucks.

As a result of their own investigation into Quad stability, and subsequent research carried out in Australia, Landcorp has fitted Crush Protection Devices to all their Quad Bikes. Since 2013 Landcorp have purchased over 170 LifeGuard’s for their fleet, 52 of these have been in 2017.