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Coroner Demands Action Toward Quad Safety

Coroner Brigitte Windley says it is "imperative" action is taken to reduce the number of deaths and injuries involving quad bikes.

The "persistent concern" over quad bike deaths has prompted a coroner to issue recommendations to improve safety. She issued a number of recommendations to improve quad bike safety and address a "persistent concern".

Those recommendations are:

* The Quad Bike Workplace Safety Project findings provide a case for Roll Over Protection (ROP) devices to be mandated for all quad bikes;

* A rebate or subsidy programme for rider training, purchase and fitting of ROP devices, and purchase of alternative vehicles should be introduced for farmers and their employees who use quad bikes in performing their farming activities;

* A national five-star safety rating system for quad bikes should be introduced.

"Despite the public attention quad bike deaths have received, and the ongoing work done by government agencies such as WorkSafe and ACC, with input and support from industry organisations, quad bike deaths were reported to have reached a record high in 2016," coroner Windley noted. 

Source: Stuff NZ and NZ Herald