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Forget Lime scooters, quad bikes are the killers

In New Zealand..

While we spend a lot of time angsting over whether helmets should be worn on Lime scooters, or whether they should be ridden on footpaths or not, spare a thought for quad bikes.

The number of quad bike deaths in this country, according to one coroner, is unacceptably high.

Deaths reached a record high in 2016, and that's before we get to all the serious harm injuries.

There've been calls for more vigilant farm safety practises for a long time, but it's hard to know how many people take good safe practise seriously. And how many still adopt the 'she'll be right' approach.

Are risks on farms carefully communicated and attempts made to mitigate them? 
Most reasonable farmers would say yes.

But in an environment like a farm, factors can change all the time – weather, grounds, level of terrain, loads, the condition of the paddock.

A hill might be perfectly safe to take a vehicle up one day, but dangerous the next. 
It can be very easy for complacency to kick in.

So how do we better minimise harm when quad bikes are used in so many applications?

It's not an easy fix, but perhaps if we put half the amount of energy we put into Lime scooters into quad bikes it may help with a little more cut-through.

Source: NZ Herald, click here to read the full article