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ACC quad bike claims cost taxpayers $18m

Quad bike users have cost taxpayers more than $18 million in the last year, according to new figures from ACC.

New figures released to 1 NEWS show ACC received 566 claims from people were injured on a quad bike in 2020, which is down from 963 a decade ago.
The most common injuries were those to the back, spine, knee and chest.
There was a peak of nine deaths in 2015, but there were still seven deaths last year.
ACC's Virginia Burton-Konia said quad bikes are a significant risk on farms, especially if they’re not used effectively and if people are not trained.
She said it is a high-risk situation, which is “why we are pleading to farmers to take every precaution they can to keep everyone safe”.
Farmers are now being urged to take advantage of the ACC’S subsidy for ‘crush protection devices’ or a ‘roll over bar’.
The devices are inserted on the back of a quad bike, and stop people being crushed if the bike tips over.
“It's not the only thing. We know that we want good training, and helmets — all the normal things you do around the use of equipment on farms safely,” said Burton-Konia.
“Please, farmers, just do the right thing and don't have to suffer the consequences that other businesses have had to face when there is a fatality or injury.”

Source: TVNZ